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Our story

Nymfes Cosmetics were literally born in the Greek nature. In the springs of Acheron river, the green valley of Vikos, the sunset on Egremni beach, the calm waters of Tsivlou lake, the breathtaking rocky mountains of Meteora, the natural pools of Samothrace and so many other beautiful Greek places. After years of traveling and staying as close as possible to nature, you realize that you truly are a part of it. Next thing you want is all your creations to be in harmony, in line with your general lifestyle.

I always enjoyed handcrafts, the idea of creating something unique with your own signature. I love handmade products. They convey a sense of luxury without being too fancy. Upon completing my studies in chemistry, it was only natural for me to turn to Cosmetology. It combined everything I love: science, beauty and creativity. An MSc in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry gave me the necessary tools and experience to start crafting my own creations. Working in different R&D and QA departments in the pharmaceutical industry and as a consumer myself, I knew what I had to focus on: creating an eco-friendly alternative to mass-production cosmetics. After studying lots of traditional and modern recipes, experimenting with "green" methods and ingredients, trying and failing, the first successful results came to light.

Now these products needed a name, an identity. What better choice than the place where they were actually born? Greek nature, tradition and mythology. The Nymphs in Greek mythology are divine spirits who animate nature, and are usually depicted as beautiful, young nubile maidens. So, every product was named after a Nymph, and its ingredients are connected to her story. My creations identify with the Nymphs because they are ethereal but not immortal, beautiful but not perfect, in one word: Natural!